Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Yay so its fnnallly starting to get sunny and then it goes cold again grrr! Does anyone like maths? I dont, like i really dont, i can do the work but i mean its so boring. would kill teachers to make lessonss a bit better? and more interactive i mean reallly, just standing there talking at us, not helping! But whatever... Ouchh i have a huge bruise and cut on my leg since i got sstudded oww... I am ssoooo boreedd .....

I'm Lovin'...
  • Friends, Your girls are great for you know talking and having a laugh but the guys are cool too you know for a guys opinion.
  • Chinese food mmm so good.
  • House Partys mine was awsomee

I'm hatin'...

  • Girls who think like that they fit in with your group and when in reality they hardly know you and theyre pulling you all apart *sigh*
  • people who hate you to be friends with someone they like i mean why?
  • seeing loads of things i want and need to get but knowing i dont have any money grrr!

Thats all untill im bored again...

my singles this time are...

  • Bed Rock-Young MOney
  • Te amo-rihanna
  • Rudeboy- Rihanna
  • Under pressure(ice ice baby)- jedward

Byeeee :) xxx