Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Yay so its fnnallly starting to get sunny and then it goes cold again grrr! Does anyone like maths? I dont, like i really dont, i can do the work but i mean its so boring. would kill teachers to make lessonss a bit better? and more interactive i mean reallly, just standing there talking at us, not helping! But whatever... Ouchh i have a huge bruise and cut on my leg since i got sstudded oww... I am ssoooo boreedd .....

I'm Lovin'...
  • Friends, Your girls are great for you know talking and having a laugh but the guys are cool too you know for a guys opinion.
  • Chinese food mmm so good.
  • House Partys mine was awsomee

I'm hatin'...

  • Girls who think like that they fit in with your group and when in reality they hardly know you and theyre pulling you all apart *sigh*
  • people who hate you to be friends with someone they like i mean why?
  • seeing loads of things i want and need to get but knowing i dont have any money grrr!

Thats all untill im bored again...

my singles this time are...

  • Bed Rock-Young MOney
  • Te amo-rihanna
  • Rudeboy- Rihanna
  • Under pressure(ice ice baby)- jedward

Byeeee :) xxx

Saturday, 11 April 2009

My new blog style! And Easter.

Hi! So now i have decided to change my blog now it will include...
  • breif review of my fortnight and the usual
  • luvin & hatin
  • music reviews (songs and albums)
  • TV show, fim and DVD reviews
  • book reviews
  • Game reviews
  • in the news (or gossip)
  • Style stuff

Yeah I know it's a lot of reviews but I got the idea from a magazine and they seem to do pretty well. so here goes for the first bullet point. It's the easter holidays and surprisingly i'm having a good time (well except for monday when we were supposed to be at skegness but ended up at the hospital...) next week i'm off into town which'll be good. so anyway it's easter tommorow which means chocolate (yay!). Anyway i've got a lot to write about so i'll be back in two weeks. x

I'm luvin...

  • parks so much fun with friends
  • the seaside sun (more likely clouds), sea and sand what more could a girl wish for
  • hugs they always make you feel better

and i'm hatin...

  • mean people find something better to do with your time.
  • low batterys just when you need to usae it
  • two faced people do you like them or dont you?


the singles...

Number 1 by Tinchy Stryder feat N-Dubz 4/5

Never Give up by The days 4/5

Prom Queen by lil' Wayne 3/5

Radio Ladio by Metromony 4/5

Halo by Beyoncé 3/5

The albums...

It's Blitz by Yeah Yeah Yeahs 4/5

R.O.O.T.S by Flo Rida 4/5

All Night Cinema by Just Jack 4/5

The TV Programmes...

My camp rock 3/5

Running in Heels 4/5

Skellig 4/5

The Films...

17 Again 5/5

Race to witch Mountain 4/5

The DVDs...

Twilight 5/5

Inkheart 4/5

The book...

WAGs' world: playing the game by Aynonymous 4/5

The Game...

Phineas and Pherb 4/5


My top three style websites this fortnight are...

So anyway thats it for this fortnight see you soon



Wednesday, 18 February 2009

half Term :D and valentines day (sorry if it sounds all jumbled up i'm feeling a bit confused)

First of all happy valentines day! Did anyone get any valentines cards. I didnt as currentley i'm single even though there is someone i like;) (watch this space.).Valrntines day can be sweet or sickley. depends who you are any way on to the next subjexthalf terms great right? You get all bored at school and practily count down the days 'till the holidays but then once you break up you find you've got nothing to do at home either! And seeing as the snows gone now there's not even that to do either. :( i'm writing this on a paticularly boring day, It's raing and there's nothing to to do. saturday didnt work out as well as i had planned. I ended up with great hair but no one coming to my nanas house with me. :( oh well there's allways the next party.
Any way the three things i'm luvin 'n' hatin this week are ...

Im luvin...
  • Gossip girl its great must see tv (so is the life of riley)
  • mizz the best teen mag out .
  • Theme parks fab family (or freinds) fun .

and i'm hatin....

  • computor just randomly shutting down ... grrrrrrrrrrr
  • Smug couples valentines day leaves us singles feeling so left out.
  • Nasty rumors. they're horrible so just stop it. (noyt that rhis has happened to me)

Any bye for now. Write soon ...

x candy kissesx

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Wow! The snow's been really heavy here where I am. It's beginning to melt now but itwas great while it lasted. I had thursday off school. Our stupid headteacher was crazy enough not to cancel school but the weather conditions had everyone sent home early. Yes! So I went sledging it was amazing. We started off withy bin lid sledges but ended moving on to a lorry mudgaurd! But that 16 year old girl that got killed sledging is just so sad. Its sad to think that doing something fun can end like that. :(
Any way on to a more positive note. Here are the things i'm lovin and hatin. :p

  • Msn. it's great for talking to your mates. :)
  • Cookies! delicious but not very healthy. :D
  • Cooking. great except for the washing up! ;)

  • Being cold. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :s
  • fallouts. sometimes people just wont see reason. :@
  • being bored. possibly the worst thing ever.




Saturday, 31 January 2009


Does anyone like winter? I do sometimes. Its great when its just getting started and you can look forward to christmas. But its not so great when you're walking around and the cold wind is frezzing youre legs off. And its worse when it rains. At times like this you just want to count down the days till summer. Sometimes only the things you love that are the rays of sunshine in your life. and how am i supposed to get a good tan for the beach when all you see when you look up into the sky is clouds.

Here are three things that get me down in winter...
  • Cold wind
  • boring school
  • rain

And here are three things that make me feel better...

  • Curling up on the sofa with a hot drink at watching tv
  • only three weeks left till half term
  • messing about with family and freinds and laughing so much you're stomach hurts