Saturday, 7 February 2009


Wow! The snow's been really heavy here where I am. It's beginning to melt now but itwas great while it lasted. I had thursday off school. Our stupid headteacher was crazy enough not to cancel school but the weather conditions had everyone sent home early. Yes! So I went sledging it was amazing. We started off withy bin lid sledges but ended moving on to a lorry mudgaurd! But that 16 year old girl that got killed sledging is just so sad. Its sad to think that doing something fun can end like that. :(
Any way on to a more positive note. Here are the things i'm lovin and hatin. :p

  • Msn. it's great for talking to your mates. :)
  • Cookies! delicious but not very healthy. :D
  • Cooking. great except for the washing up! ;)

  • Being cold. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :s
  • fallouts. sometimes people just wont see reason. :@
  • being bored. possibly the worst thing ever.




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